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Request Transcripts

naYou may request a transcript by mail or by fax only (we need your signature on our form). Official Transcripts are $10. This policy applies whether you are a current, inactive, or a graduate student i.e. applies to everyone.

Please specify how many copies you want and the address you want them sent to.

Important Notes:

Allow 5-7 working days for processing, plus mail delivery time.

There is an additional $10 fee per copy for 24-hour service.

Express Mail is an additional $14.40 per destination

Payment: If by mail, send check or money order with request or include credit card information on the form.

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Lead Small Group Studies at your Church

It is always an overwhelming challenge to find just the right study for your church small group or your outreach small group. With PBU as your training partner, you have just one source you need to consult. You can give us the general topic for the study and we can suggest a few specific courses. From there, you can order online or by telephone. An added bonus for your students is the option of continuing on to a Bible degree.

Now that you've graduated you must be itching to teach?! Why not teach small groups or even start a Bible Institute at your church?

Put Your Education To Work For The Kingdom 

Take it from us, most pastors have enough on their plate and would just be full of joy to have an educated servant take on the effort of operating a Bible Institute in their local church.

PBU has a well-qualified and organized program to assist you in doing just that. Please see our Bible Institute page. 

 Contact us for your next small group study. 

 Sponsor a Student or Foreign Pastor

PBU will partner with you to send Bible education to remote locations.

Edwin Agogo of KenyaImagine that you live in a rural village within Africa or India and you've just given your life to Jesus... or that you've been called into the ministry as a pastor...

Looking around you see that you have no resources, money, or even a Bible college nearby to obtain the education you so desperately want. What can you do? In fact, you have no money to even buy a Bible!

Sadly, this is a daily, real-world occurence.

Yet, together, we can help this servant of God. With your monthly sponsorship of $ 50 per student we can provide the tuition and 2 courses per month.

Won't you consider coming alongside a motivated student? We have seen many of these pastors bring not only hundreds, but thousands of non-believers into the Kingdom.

Please contact us or submit your sponsorship online.

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